Is it possible to mirror an existing diagram with connectors etc.?

By mirroring I mean to have a reversed copy of it (the nox that's in the left to go in the right and so on)

enter image description here


Unfortunately, it is not possible to do that with one click. There is a possibility to flip shapes when selected and reverse connectors. Not sure how your diagram looks like but I assume we don't have an easy solution if we have one at all. You can attach the file here so I could try to help.

  • Thank you! You can see the diagram above, I added a picture. I think you're right, I would probably have to do it manually – Mema Stamataki May 11 at 9:50
  • You're welcome. I'm afraid that this can be done only manually since your diagram is not a simple one. Regards, – Marija May 12 at 8:28

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