I have the following text string in Google Sheets, DV2:

Share Price vs. Fair ValueBelow Fair Value: AAPL ($126.85) is trading above our estimate of fairvalue ($118.02)Significantly Below Fair Value: AAPL is trading above ourestimate of fair value. 

From this value, I want to extract the second number in parenthesis: 118.02

My formula:


The formula returns two columns:

$118.02 S

I want to get rid of the column with the S and also the $ before the number.

I tried using regex101.com/ to solve it but was unsuccessful.

Is there a way to modify the REGEXEXTRACT formula so it returns a single value without the $?


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Taken that the cell in question is DV2, you can use the following formula


If you want to turn the result to an actual number add ^1 at the end of the formula.


If you need to, you can also add the IFERROR


To extract the 2nd value

In B1, enter the formula :


enter image description here


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