When you inactivate a username inside GAM, it automatically cancels all scheduled reports which that user once set up for other people.

Is there a way to just change the relevant reports' ownership, so it won't appear as Old - keep deactivated?

Cancelled GAM reports

GAM report ownership

GAM e-mail recipients


I managed to accomplish it by duplicating the reports, but it's not straightforward.

You might want to keep the original reports in 1 browser tab and the the following in another:

  1. Choose Run report over the relevant report
  2. Once it finishes loading, click Report builder or Edit
  3. Choose the same name for the report
  4. Re-add the original editors/recipients and Save
  5. Delete the original report



Run Report over the relevant GAM report


Choose Report Builder


Choose a name for the GAM report


Re-add GAM editors and recipients


enter image description here

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