I use Google Sheets to produce simple quizzes for students. Instead of just having a cell display <Good!> when a kid enters a correct answer, I'd like to make a drawing pop up. A sports fan cheering, with a speech bubble, say. Google's documentation shows I can use GAS to change the size and position of a drawing, and thereby presumably make it go from effectively hidden to conspicuous. I don't foresee a problem when there's only one drawing, but if I have several, I don't see an easy way of selecting one.

I can get an array of the drawings in a sheet using getDrawings(), and use getContainerInfo() to find where the drawing is, and identify it that way, but that's pretty clunky: my code won't give any indication of what drawing is at a particular position, and if I accidentally move the drawing, my script won't select it.

Right now I'm thinking of using setOnAction() with a name that isn't actually the name of a macro, and looping through the drawings array until getOnAction() returns the name I want, but I don't know if the compiler will be happy assigning arbitrary strings via setOnAction(). I wonder if there isn't a cleaner way to do this.

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One easyish way to show and hide images is to use Insert > Image > Image in cell and then use the Sheet.unhideRow() and Sheet.hideRow() methods to choose whether the image is visible.


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