With Google sheets can importHTML be combined with a formula like arrays and filters. I can perform these tasks after using importHTML manually. Array to split data in one cell into three columns and filter to remove blank cells.

I can use macros to perform these tasks or use Automator in Mac.
I have a sneaky feeling this is the limitation of importHTML maybe a solution with AppleScript or JavaScript. Python maybe a easier option.


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You can use a query() wrapper to filter and aggregate dynamic arrays such as data retrieved with importhtml().

To combine, split and otherwise process dynamic arrays, use an array enabled formula that contains an { array expression } or one of these functions: arrayformula(), filter(), sort(), sortn(), index(), query(), unique(), transpose(), indirect(), offset(), flatten(), split(), mmult(), iferror(), ifna(), switch(), choose(), isbetween(), importrange(), array_constrain(), frequency(), growth(), linest(), logest(), minverse(), trend(), daverage(), dcount(), dcounta(), dget(), dmax(), dmin(), dproduct(), dstdev(), dstdevp(), dsum(), dvar() or dvarp().

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