Sometimes when broadcasting on YouTube the stream gets interrupted. Some reasons include (but aren't limited it):

  • The web browser crashes.
  • Windows decided to update itself and reboot.
  • The wrong video input device was initially selected.
  • The external camera wasn't powered on or ready when the stream began.
  • Today YouTube kept stating "Unstable connection, reconnecting..." and nobody could get any video, so I took a chance and refreshed the browser page.

No matter what I do or where I look whenever this happens, YouTube Studio never presents the option to reselect/change the input device after the browser page has reloaded. I've tried in Firefox and Chrome. (Running on Windows 10.) I am left with no option but to create a new stream and send out the URL, but this is a difficult solution for the less-technically-inclined participants.

Normally the stream is set up to run straight from the web browser. Ages ago I did set up a streaming key for streaming via OBS so that an alternate "starting soon" type video with music could be displayed until the meeting started, as the higher-ups didn't like the meeting being streamed before the meeting actually started, but they didn't like anything fancy going on, so now we just stream straight from YouTube studio so that anybody can easily take over as a substitute operator.

Having the OBS streaming key set up has not caused any additional issues; I mention it to point out that whenever the YouTube stream gets interrupted and the browser page has reloaded, YouTube Studio behaves like it was configured to run with and is waiting on an OBS stream, instead of looking for in input device. I then load up OBS, tell it to start streaming, and OBS seems to be working correctly, but YouTube Studio continues to display "No Data" in the stream information window and never responds to the OBS stream. I know that OBS streaming is set up correctly because if I start a new stream and intentionally select OBS, it works.

So how do I resume transmitting an interrupted YouTube Studio stream broadcast?


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