I am trying to pull scores from one google sheet to another, and I want this information to update when a new form is submitted by the same person.

Score page enter image description here

Summary Page

enter image description here

Link to sheets

Link to Google Form

  • The sample spreadsheet gives "Access denied." May 17 '21 at 21:49

Try this in cell Summary!B3:

      sort('Colors'!B2:N, 'Colors'!A2:A, false), 
  • It returned a blank cell. Don't I need to reference the sheet called colors?
    – Kim
    May 17 '21 at 21:59
  • 1
    Replace the instances of 'Colors' in the formula with the name of the sheet where the responses are. I cannot see your real sheet names, because the sample spreadsheet continues to give "Access denied." May 17 '21 at 22:09

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