I was a subscriber to a service called Google Voice Lite, which allowed me to do a few very convenient things:

  1. Make phone calls domestically and abroad (using my regular AT&T number in terms of caller ID) from desktop as well as mobile (the latter made even more convenient by integrating with the regular Phone app on Android)
  2. Get voicemail from my AT&T number transcribed and emailed to me (along with an audio clip of the original voicemail)
  3. Skip setting up a custom voicemail message in favour of a pre-recorded message ("The Google subscriber you have called is not available, leave a message...")

It seems like Google Voice Lite has been completely deprecated, which means I can't really provide references to Google help pages - they are modified/canned when a service is shut down. Apparently, items 1-3 have been disabled for my AT&T number and left enabled in a limited form for my Google Voice number. This question is a request for workarounds for items 1-3, but that is the sort of overly expansive question that tends to receive no answers... So I am wondering if items 2 and 3 are still workable. Can I still route my AT&T voicemail to Google and receive email transcripts?

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