Let's say I'm collecting Name and Email (using Collect Emails setting), I wish to allow view-access to the Google Sheets Response Sheet linked to that form with only those who put their email id. Assume every email-id entered will be of Gmail. How can I do it without manually putting emails in share option.

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One easy solution would be to File > Share the spreadsheet as anyone with link can view. If you do not publish the link address anywhere, it will not be easily discoverable.

You can then use one of the many mail merge add-ons to send an automatic response email to people who submit a form and include their email address. The email message would include the link to the spreadsheet, enabling those responders to open it and see all the responses. Others would not know the link address, and would therefore not have access.

To find a suitable mail merge add-on, choose Add-ons > Get add-ons and search for mail merge.

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