I am trying to conditionally format the non-blank cell within a range when an adjacent cell on the same row contains a particular alpha value (ach in this instance, regardless whether ACH is written in upper case, lower case or a mix of upper/lower case).

So far I've tried to apply the following custom formulas to the range A2:C11:



Both formulas highlight the blank cells in the row as well as the cell populated with a value.

I've included a simplified example here; the result I'm actually hoping for is depicted in the image below.

conditional format range


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Instead of the formulas that you tried use:

  • LOWER will change the value to lower case
  • ISBLANK returns TRUE if the current cell is blank
  • NOT converts a TRUE value to FALSE and viceversa
  • AND returNs TRUE when all the parameters are TRUE otherwise returns FALSE
  • This works beautifully; thank you Rubén. Commented May 24, 2021 at 3:07

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