I am struggling to create a custom question in Google forms which can ask the user for Multiple inputs or Short texts.

For example If I ask a question to a shopkeeper: "Name all the vegetables you keep in your stall?".. The shopkeeper should be able to add multiple vegetable names in same question.

Secondly the responses should be listed one below the other in single column in Google Sheets.

I don't have much coding knowledge in Apps script Editor but can I make use of an automatic transpose Function here?

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. It sounds like you are describing your attempted solution to a problem, rather than the problem. If that is the case, please edit the question. See What is the XY problem. Consider sharing a publicly editable sample spreadsheet with realistic-looking data, and showing your hand-entered expected results there. Use Insert > Note to describe what you want in the spreadsheet. Also explain why you need to transpose the data. May 31 '21 at 7:52

You can use a spreadsheet formula that employs an { array expression } to transform data in a form responses sheet into a new sheet that has a row-oriented layout where row data is repeated the way you describe.

See the Array Expression Formula Builder spreadsheet for examples and instructions on how to build a formula to expand the data to multiple rows. The formula should go to another sheet — do not enter it directly in the form responses sheet.

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