I have two tabs in the same sheet.

The first tab has a list of companies' names in column B, and in column BD I put a mark for companies I have had a meeting with.

In the second tab, I want to list up the companies that I have put a mark on in the first tab.
Meaning, if in tab 1 there is a mark in column BD, I want the name of that company to appear in column A of tab 2.

I have tried vlookup, index, if... but somehow I can't make anything work. Does anyone have an idea for me..?

For example I tried this:


Try the filter() function, like this:

=filter('Tab1'!B3:B, 'Tab1'!BD3:BD = "●")

See filter().

  • OH MY GOD you solved it!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
    – Chloe
    May 31 at 15:02

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