How can I get Google Forms to allow me to have two different type of answers to one question? Answers are to be related between them so when working results, I can get the grades of each group member.

Please evaluate the performance of each of your group partners


MemberName 1 ____ Grade: 0 to 20

MemberName 2 ____ Grade: 0 to 20

MemberName 3 ____ Grade: 0 to 20


Answers have to have the name of the partner and his evaluation/grade.

A plus would be to have a previous question asking how many members the group has and, depending on the answer, display the correct number of fields to fill in.

  • Welcome to Web Applications. Please show what you tried and add a brief descriptionof your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask.
    – Rubén
    Jun 1 at 3:21
  • I wasn´t able to find a way to get a pair of answers to a question. If I choose multiple answers I´m able to get both answers, the members names and grade but separately. So I´m unable to match the names to their grades when reviwing the results. Jun 1 at 3:41

The Google Forms View responses feature only lets you view the stats for each question in separation and does not let you relate one question to another.

You may want to use the View all responses in a spreadsheet option and use Data > Pivot table or a query() formula to build the report you need.

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