Now that Google Photos has changed its storage policy; I would like to move out of their service.

Thing is, i’m using it since years; and on the top of that,

  • my account setting was to compress the photos; so the hosted files are not the original ones.
  • My photo albums are currently better organized on Google Photos than on my computer; (which I should have thought twice).

enter image description here

That’s why I’m looking for a tool that would create a tree of (album) folders having the same structure than Google Photos, with a copy of my original files in it; based on

  • the Google Photos datas (which photo in which album)
  • A folder (and its subfolders) on my computer, that contains all my original files.

The idea is that it should be somehow doable since Google Photos has the data about the original file :

enter image description here

Maybe this tool already exists, or does anyone have any leads?

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