I have two columns. One is a value, the other is a date and time:

A.                B.   
01/01/21 5.15     3
01/01/21 5.15     2
01/01/21 5.15     4
01/01/21 5.30     2
01/01/21 5.30     3

I want the output to be:

A.                B.   
01/01/21 5.15     9
01/01/21 5.30     5

If your times in Col A are hour-minute as shown (i.e., no seconds):

=QUERY(A:B, "Select A, SUM(B) WHERE A Is Not Null GROUP BY A LABEL SUM(B) ''")

This assumes your values start in A1:B1 (i.e., that you have no headers).

A longer but more flexible and easily transferable version of the above:

=QUERY({A:B}, "Select Col1, SUM(Col2) WHERE Col1 Is Not Null GROUP BY Col1 LABEL SUM(Col2) ''")

  • Thanks, Erik - just tried that in my Sheet and it worked a treat! – Mark Harris Jun 12 at 17:41
  • 1
    Glad to hear it. QUERY is a useful and powerful tool, one worth exploring. – Erik Tyler Jun 13 at 4:19

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