Building on a question I asked here, I am trying to conditionally format the non-blank cell within a range when an adjacent cell on the same row contains either or both of two specific values ("ach" and/or "wire").

So far I've tried to apply the following custom formulas to the range A2:C11:


The above formula highlights the entire row from columns A:C if the cell on the same row in column D contains either ach, wire or both of these values. This is close, but I need only the non-blank cell on the row to be highlighted.


This formula does the same as the first; additionally it highlights the non-blank cells on the rows where column D does not contain either of the searched-for values (ach or wire).

I've included a simplified example here; the result I'm actually hoping for is depicted in the image below.

enter image description here

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You will need both an and and an or to implement that logic. You can do that with this conditional formatting custom formula rule:

=not(isblank(A2)) * ( isnumber(search("ach",$D2)) + isnumber(search("wire",$D2)) )

See the new Solution sheet in your sample spreadsheet.

Alternatively, use regexmatch() like this:

=not(isblank(A2)) * regexmatch($D2, "(?i)ach|wire")

These formulas use Boolean arithmetic but you can use and() instead of * and or() instead of + if that is your preference.

  • Both of your solutions work beautifully, @doubleunary. I particularly like how concise your regexmatch() solution is. Thank you! Jun 13, 2021 at 22:01

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