Let's assume that I have 100$, and I put it in the bank and I get 4% per year. (every day I get part of it) How much time it will take until I have 150$?

What is the formula in Google Sheet for that?

I have checked Google Sheets formulas table and dindn't found something relevant (correct e if I wrong)

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It will take ten years and four months.

At the beginning, the 4% interest rate will get you about 1 cent per day in interest. The interest will compound, but it will grow pretty slowly. When the principal plus aggregated interest has reached $200, you will get about 2 cents per day.

To get a total of $50 in interest, you will need to wait several thousand days — 3774 days to be exact.

You can get a 15-year table that shows the daily balance of your $100 including 4% of yearly compound interest like this:


    "number of days", "aggregate savings"; 
    sequence(15 * 365, 1, 0), 
    (1 + (1 + 4% / 1) ^ (1 / 365) - 1) 
    sequence(15 * 365, 1, 0) 

The formula assumes that there are 365 days in a year.

To find the day when the principal plus aggregated interest reaches $150, use this:

C1: =+filter(A2:A, B2:B >= 150)

See Compound interest.


You can "trick" one of the financial functions into returning the answer, e.g.,


This will return the number of days until the target amount is reached. (You can add /365 to the end to get an answer in years, or /12 to get an answer in months.)

NPER is short for "Number of PERiods."

All of the parameters should be clear against your example figures from the post, except for perhaps the 0, which means "no contributions are being made other than pure interest."

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