A few days ago I reach the limit of 50000 characters in one cell, I found a solution with "query" but I need a delimiter inside the formula that I haven't been able to find:

This is the formula:


as an example I used this A, B and C

with =TEXTJOIN("|",TRUE,arrayformula(A2:A)) I get:


but with =arrayformula(query(A2:A,,10000000)) I get:


How can I make the delimiter?

  • Might be valuable to explain why you need text strings with >50,000 characters in your cells. Might be an The XY Problem that we can help with.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Jul 9, 2023 at 17:57

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Use regexreplace() and substitute() with query smush like this:

=arrayformula( regexreplace( substitute( substitute( query( substitute(A2:A, " ", "µ"), "", 9^9), " ", "|" ), "µ", " " ), "\|+$", "" ) )

If your data does not contain spaces, you can leave out the inner and outer substitute().

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