I can use from:@Some Person and to:@Some Person in Slack search but that doesn't find plain mentions, or just interactions between two people when they don't necessarily tag each other.

My use case is that I've been involved in a discussion (thread in some channel) with another person from the company but can't remember any keywords that would return search results. I'd like to construct a search query like this:

involves:@Borek Bernard involves:@Other Person

But Slack doesn't support the involves keyword (like e.g. GitHub does).

I have tried two "from:" operators but get zero results as well:

(doesn't work either)

from:@Borek Bernard from:@Other Person

Is there a way to search Slack for two people?


Looks like they've added a feature to search using "with" so you can search for "with:@personA with:@personB".

See https://slack.com/help/articles/202528808-Search-in-Slack for more details.

  • That is great news and seems to work, thanks for the tip! Nov 22 '21 at 11:08

I've had a conversion with support and they confirmed that it's not possible (as of June 2021).

UPDATE Nov 2021: It's not possible, see this answer.

  • you may now be able to accept your own answer
    – boly38
    Jun 29 '21 at 19:24
  • Wondering if "not possible" is a typo. Did you mean "it's now possible"?
    – stone
    6 hours ago

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