The current (June 21 2021) official Google website instruction for changing search engine from Bing to Google Search within the Microsoft Edge browser are out of date and no longer valid. They do not work.

How do I tell the Google Search unit about this problem ? Google does not make it easy for non-business users to report problems. Trying to save money on staff.

P.S. MINOR ISSUE: I tried to insert a screenshot in this post of the out of date instructions but I could not figure out how to insert the screenshot. I pointed to the jpg image of the screenshot on my computer but it would not load to this post and produced confusing error messages.


Google has multiple pages for certain topics as well multiple ways to receive feedback from their users. As the question is not specific about the outdated page, maybe the best way to go is to post your findings on the official community -> https://support.google.com/websearch.

Some pages have a "Feedback" link near to a content element in order to help providing feedback about that specific content element, other might have a feedback / contact / report a problem / help link at the bottom of the page.

  • Thanks for the support.google.com/websearch link. It let me type my problem description into a very tiny box instead of into a regular notepad and when I pressed SEND it exposed a list of irrelevant articles with some of the words that I typed. Hopefully someone will actually read my problem description. It did not ask me for my email address and I assume I will not have any response. – boblite Jun 23 at 1:03
  • I tried to revise my answer, This is the revised version: Thanks much for your answer! I continued digging along the lines you suggested, and found a feedback window that accepted a problem description. It did not ask me for my email address so I assume I will not hear anything. But hopefully it will go to the right person and the problem will get fixed. – boblite Jun 23 at 1:15

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