From about 2-3 weeks or so Gmail and Google Calendar (and probably many more) has enabled a "helpful" feature of replacing URL with corresponding webpage's title, when those pasting URL.

Is there any way to prevent this? I.e. If I paste https://onezeronull.com/2021/06/22/force-microsoft-edge-to-safe-images-with-jpg-instead-of-jfif-extension/, I want to see exactly this text / URLs (linked or not) and not this instead:

enter image description here

This happens in Gmail and in Google Calendar, as far as I noticed, but most likely in any editor-like field in any Google-like product.

The only way that I found so far to prevent this is to paste everything with Ctrl+Shift+V which enforces paste as plain text functionality. But, I keep forgetting about this and another "helpful" feature from Google becomes really annoying.

Is there any other way (configuration switch, extension etc.) to stop that behaviour?


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