Is it possible to assign two function names into a single custom menu item like this script:

function onOpen() {

    var menuItems = [
    {name: 'Draw Borders', functionName: 'borders'},
    {name: 'Draw Borders_1stFloor', functionName: 'borders1stFloor'},
    {name: 'Draw Borders_2ndFloor', functionName: 'borders2ndFloor'}
]; SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().addMenu('Weekened_Functions', menuItems);

I would like to keep one menu item 'Draw Borders' and associate with it the three functions ('borders'+'borders2ndFloor'+'borders1stFloor')

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Short answer: It's not possible.

Instead, from the menu item call a function that calls the functions that you want to be executed. Example:

function main(){

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