I have seen this question but my question is different. My sheet uses comma as decimal separator but when I publish it as a form, dot is used as the decimal separator.

How do I change decimal separator in a form based on a Google Sheet?

When viewing/editing the form I have looked under the ⚙️- and ⋮-menus but couldn't find anything that looked applicable there.

Interesting tidbit: I have enabled response validation in the form as well as data validation in the actual sheet. The condition is a value between 1,0 and 2,0 - but in the form these values aren't accepted, instead I have to enter 1.0 and 2.0 as limits.

If I enter 1,5 in the form it is rejected, I have to enter 1.5. But when I look in the sheet, 1.5 is rejected - I have to change it to 1,5 for it to be accepted.

Edit: Found this applicable question with 84 upvotes but no answer.


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You have a Google Form.

One of the questions on the form requires input of a number between one (1) and two (2) (to one decimal place-max). You want the number to be entered in European number format ("comma separator" (,) instead of a "point separator" (.))

You have linked the form responses to a Google Spreadsheet. When the responses are shown in the spreadsheet you want the spreadsheet to recognise the form responses as a number in European number format.

It is not possible to assign a locale or language to a Google Form. In order to ensure that the value is input in European number format AND is recognised in the Google Spreadsheet as a number in European number format, the following is necessary:

  1. apply a regular expression to the Form question
  2. set the Spreadsheet Locale to a suitable European country

Form Question: Response validation

  • click the "Kebab menu" and select "Response validation"
  • select "Regular expression" from the dropdown menu
  • in the 'pattern' column, paste this expression: ^[1-2]+(\,[0-9]{1})?$

Spreadsheet Locale

Check the Locale of your spreadsheet.

  • File, Spreadsheet settings,
  • Ensure that the locale is a country that uses the European number format.

Spreadsheet output


Examples of rejected Form input

failure01 failure02 failure03

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