My filter function is almost there, but not quite. I want to display only those rows in List1 one that are not in List2, based on the email column (c). This works without the NOT and it displays only the matches, so of course I need to add a NOT to display only those that do not match.

Here is my almost working filter thus far. I am getting an error with this though, from adding the NOT. How do I fix it?

=filter(List1!A2:D199, NOT(match(List1!C2:C199,List2!C1:C11, 0)))

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Oh, lol, I found the answer two minutes later. I love when that happens. I need to use ISNA instead of NOT. (Or at least, ISNA seems to work fine to get the output I need). So the filter with match becomes the following:

=filter(List1!A2:D199, ISNA(match(List1!C2:C199,List2!C1:C11, 0)))

This works. Yay!

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