I have this table : enter image description here

So I have the days column and fruit column. There's grouping based on days : Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday etc indicated by that grey and light blue color to separate each day. The fruits are grouped by the days.

I want make a single conditional formatting (for J1:J range) to flag if there's the same fruit on the same day. For example that red font color : 2 apple on Tuesday and 2 banana on Thursday.

if no grouping by days, i can use :

=countif($J$1:$J, $J1)>1

But how to seperate it if they are grouped by days column ? Thanks.

  • Please show what you tried and add a brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask.
    – Rubén
    Jul 10 at 4:22

The easiest solution would probably be to use a helper column K where the day names are filled down, with this formula in cell K1:

      row(J1:J) <= max(row(J1:J) * (J1:J <> "")), 
          if( len(I1:I), { row(I1:I), I1:I } ), 

You can then use this conditional formatting custom formula rule:

=countifs($J$1:$J, $J1, $K$1:$K, $K1) > 1

You can hide the helper column K if it gets in the way.

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