I want to use formulatext() with arrayformula() :


But The arrayformula doesn't work. It should output 10 rows but it only returns a single row output.

Is there anyway around to combine them ?

  • “The FORMULATEXT function returns a formula as a string.”; the string even includes the equal sign. Arrayformula, OTOH, expects to find an “array_formula”. Your question would be more informative if you were to describe the formulas in A1:A10, and, in detail, what you are trying to achieve by combining arrayformula&formulatext.
    – Tedinoz
    Jul 10, 2021 at 7:52

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It would probably be easiest to just use =iferror(formulatext(A1)) and fill the formula down.

The formulatext() function is not array enabled and will only return the formula in the top left cell of its parameter range, regardless of whether you are using an arrayformula() wrapper or not.

To get the formulas in a A1:A10, you will have to fill the formula down. To get them in one go, you would need a script.

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