Since I cannot open my outlook mail in my mobile phone due to company policy, I am forwarding the mail to a "mirror" Gmail account.

So all messages in that account starts with "FW:"

To make some order in that account, I would like to add Gmail Labels by the person who sent the mail.

So for example mail that contains From: john, doe john.doe@my.company.com, I would like to set a filter that will move it to "john doe" folder.

I have encountered the following problems:

  1. Since it contains "From:" Gmail is looking for the sender to be john.doe@my.company.com which result with zero results.
  2. I would like to filter ONLY messages that starts with From: john, doe john.doe@my.company.com and not one that contains this phrase (to avoid results that are actually responses to john doe mails).

Is this possible with Gmail standard filter?

If not, any example script that can to this job?

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Have you looked at having Gmail retrieve the mail fro Outlook rather than forwarding it from Outlook. Look into Gmailify (https://blog.google/products/gmail/gmailify-best-of-gmail-without-gmail/) which allows Gmail to access your Outlook account.

Here is a link for setup instructions: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6304825

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