I am trying to automate a task on Google Sheets where we compare the previous 4 hours of the day's spend and other metrics to the overall total. I currently have it set up in the following image, where Overall is updated through our input from another page, and Last 4 Comparison is the difference of the Previous Overall.

enter image description here

I'm wondering if there is a way to move over the current overall to previous overall automatically and have that data lock for a certain amount of time. Since Spend, Platform Leads, and Platform CPA are formulas, any change we do with the data will change those cells.

I have tried a long IF() statement that checks the time value to see if it's towards the end of the 4-hour interval, however, this doesn't work as the data still updates in the Overall column, which changes the Previous Overall.

I know I can easily copy-paste the data over, especially for 3 cells, but I'm new to Google Sheets and want to experiment with more complex formulas.

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