I have this google sheet :

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link is here :


On the top is my matrix table. It has key on the left and data on the right. I want to pull the key based on the data if the data is not null.

On the 2nd table i used manual copy/paste and it works perfectly. The formula in B10 :

=ifna( vlookup(B2,{B$2:B$6,$A$2:$A$6},2,0) ,)

But on the 3rd table i tried arrayformula , and the output is wrong. Can someone spot what is the problem with the formula in B17 :

=ARRAYFORMULA(ifna( vlookup(B2:M6,{B$2:B$6,$A$2:$A$6},2,0) ,) )
  • Your bottom formula is telling sheets to try to find every cell value in the range B2:M6 within ONLY the single-column range B2:B6. It seems you need to spend some further time studying the basics of how VLOOKUP works.
    – Erik Tyler
    Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 12:39

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To be honest, I don't understand your underlying logic in choosing VLOOKUP for this task; and then, as I noted in the comment, it doesn't seem you yet understand the basics of how VLOOKUP even works.

That said, you don't need VLOOKUP at all. Try this simple formula:


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