My formula should be looking through the green table to identify any rows that match the yellow heading of either nurse, addiction professional, etc. Then if it finds a match it should be coming back with a joined array of all of the matches and inserting them in the cell.

Green Table 1 Green Table 2

Yellow Table

For the yellow table I am using the formula:

=IFNA(IF(REGEXMATCH(QUERY(CoveredP, "SELECT G where E contains '"&E$1&"'"),$D2), JOIN(", ",QUERY(CoveredP, "SELECT C where E contains '"&E$1&"'")), "No"),"No")

where &E$1& focusing on the E from E1 changes to F, G, etc. as we move horizontally,
and where $D2, focusing on the 2 from D2 changes to 3, 4, 5 etc., as we move vertically.

Any ideas?

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    Your posted images are not helpful. Keep in mind that you know what you are looking at and what it should be doing, where formulas are located, what areas are represented by named ranges, etc. We do not. So as it stands, we just see "a bunch of data" out of context. I encourage you to share a copy of your sheet and then indicate EXACTLY where you are seeing a problem, what the expected output should be for that cell/range and why you expect that output. – Erik Tyler Jul 15 at 23:19

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