I am not sure how to import data to corresponding cells.

query(IMPORTDATA("https://www.iftach.org/taxmatrix/charts/4Q2020.csv"), "Select Col4 where Col1 = '"&A4:A&"'"))

Where range A4:A is a list of the states.

This one works fine:

query(IMPORTDATA("https://www.iftach.org/taxmatrix/charts/3Q2020.csv"), "Select Col4 where Col1 is not null and Col1<>'44013'")

(it just gives me some extra line with text 44013). But it just imports data. I need to import this data, but checking first A4:A.


This seems to work for me:

=query(IMPORTDATA("https://www.iftach.org/taxmatrix/charts/4Q2020.csv"), "Select Col4 where Col1 = '"&A4&"'",0)

But you would need to copy the formula down.

enter image description here

The last argument of the QUERY tells the number of header rows. I specified 0 so that no header would be returned. The default version (where you don't specify it) returns the header based on an algorithmic guess.

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