When I give an app access to my Evernote account, can I say, "only access XYZ notebook" or "you only have the right to write, but not to read, my notes"?

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It seams Evernote at the time of writing has no support for OATH like many others do. :(

The only way at the moment to give a 3rd party access to your notes is to give it your password. If you give your password to a 3rd party they will have the same access rights to your Evernote as you have. This is true for any other service.

UPDATE: I was wrong! I could link my Evernote account to Greplin without giving them my password. In Evernote it appeared under Settings -> Authorized services. So Evernote does support a form of OATH or can give 3rd parties access to their API without revealing your password to them.

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