Every day I will download a "product inventory" list from an third party source, the list is in the format like this:

Product Code Product Name Quantity
1 Apple 100
2 Pear 200
3 Banana 150
4 Grape 400

However, not all product shows up everyday. In the next day the report may look like this:

Product Code Product Name Quantity
1 Apple 120
3 Banana 200
4 Grape 320
5 Kiwi 80

And I want to be able to join these two tables and build an "product movement" report like the following

Product Code Product Name Delta
1 Apple +20
2 Pear -200
3 Banana +50
4 Grape -80
5 Kiwi +80

Could someone please give me some pointers on how to achieve this?


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Put the first table in Sheet1 starting at cell A1, and the second table in Sheet2 starting at cell A1.

Then use this formula in Sheet3:

        isnumber(Sheet1!A1:C) * (column(Sheet1!A1:C) = column(C1)), 
        - Sheet1!A1:C, 
    "select Col1, Col2, sum(Col3) 
     where Col1 is not null 
     group by Col1, Col2", 

Format the third column like this:

Format > Number > More formats > Custom number format > +#,##0;-#,##0;±0.

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