I have 4 game columns that contain the names of the players. I want to list the games of a particular player.

     A.         B.          C.          D
Basketball   Bowling     Billiards   Badminton
----------   -------     ---------   ---------
John         Paul        Mark        Paul
Paul         Robert      James       Chris
Matt         Wesley      Brad        Dexter 

Now I want to create a formula and list all the games Paul played. Appreciate the help in advance.


Ok, now this looks good!!! (yet complicated)

  1. create 2 named ranges: 1: lst_hds (range(A1:D1) to contain the game names, 2: lst_db (range(A3:D5)) to contain the players.

  2. still in B10 the name you search for...

  3. now copy-paste: =arrayformula( if(mid( text(sum( ( if( lst_db=$B$10, 10^(column(lst_db)-1),0) ) ),"0000") ,columns(lst_hds)+1-COLUMN(lst_hds),1)="1",lst_hds,"") )

now this is much easier to expand by adjusting the ranges!!! Off-course you can transpose it to get vertical list.

I keep the 1st formula for reference:


hope it helps

  • Hi Apostolos55! Thank you for your reply. For anyone who wants to display the results vertically, add TRANSPOSE at the beginning and open-close the whole formula of Apostolos55. Thanks for the help, again! I appreciate it. – Dominic Jul 20 at 5:05

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