I'm getting used to coding in Sheets, using their script editor. I've coded a bunch of macros over time on a few projects, but one sheet in particular I keep multiple backups of (the data gets updated and I like to have old copies to compare).

Along the way, I sometimes get lost in versions and want to go back to find a version I did earlier. Ideally using some kind of compare tool or at least side by side in 2 windows (other than just search and view all copies one by one) ?


  • Is there a smart & fast way to compare the code of various sheets (backups of the same sheet) ?
  • Or perhaps, a script search through all sheets scripts across my Drive ? I do keep local copies of my code, so can I search for a given variable, for example I put version numbers in my scripts, say v=0.3.9 so I'd find the sheet that has this script code version ?
  • Also: Should I avoid their editor, or use something else ? I'm an experienced coder, I do use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), Visual Studio Code, Atom and Notepad++ to a varying degree (was previously a java coder for many years, so I'm re-learning these newer toolset, better suited for JavaScript).
  • Questions on this site should be specific. Please narrow the scope of this post to a single question. Also, include a brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Jul 21 at 22:34
  • P.S. Google Apps Script editor and the Google Apps Script "hub" haven't a feature to do what you are looking but you might use the Google Apps Script API or CLASP. Please bear in mind that both are off-topic here. – Rubén Jul 21 at 22:38