I would like an automatic notification to be sent to several people when I entered 'Yes' in column C. I wish this would apply to Sheet1 only, not to the entire file. I have this code

function myFunction () {

   var sh0 = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getSheetByName ("Sheet1");

   var editedCell = sh0.getActiveRange (). getColumnIndex ();

if (sh0 = "Sheet1" && editedCell == 3) {

var recipients = "xx@xx.com";
  var subject = "xxx";

  var body = "xxx"

    MailApp.sendEmail (recipients, subject, body)

However, this works for the entire file, not just Sheet1. What is wrong? I would like to additionally add information from the twin cell from column A to the content of the e-mail.


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Test the name of the active sheet against a string literal like 'Sheet1' or a regular expression that matches that name and any others you want.

To get the value in the "twin cell" in column A, use sheet.getDisplayValue(), like this:

function moot(e) {
  if (!e) {
    throw new Error('Please do not run the script in the script editor window. '
      + 'It should run through an installable trigger.');
  const sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  if (e.value !== 'Yes'
    || e.range.columnStart !== 3
    || !sheet.getName().match(/^(Sheet1)$/i)) {
  const twinCell = sheet.getRange(e.range.rowStart, 1);
  const recipients = 'mggl@example.com';
  const subject = 'Today is a good day to look at documentation';
  const body = 'Here goes: ' + twinCell.getDisplayValue();
  MailApp.sendEmail(recipients, subject, body);

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