Unfortunately services like Hulu, Youtube or Veoh aren't available all around the world.

I know websites like ninjavideo, but they're off course not very legal, so I guess they are out of the question.

So does anyone know a good alternative to Hulu, Veoh or Youtube, where you can watch streaming movies?


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Are you looking to

  • Upload HD content
  • Just watch music videos
  • Looking for lol videos
  • Watch movies
  • Filter the youtube community that spams the top videos

I used to like Dailymotion but for some reason I would get a lot of videos in french or french subtitles. It was great for watching full movies and music videos (they have not signed up with Vevo so I am sure there are no content blocks ? you will have to update the questions with links from YouTube Vevo to check)

Vimeo is my all time favorite for watching high quality content. No Fred, No trolls talking about religion, no Emo guys just plain high quality videos shot on the best cameras money can buy.

They are others which may be good as well but they tend to be filled with lots of pron, low quality content and ads.

If you are surf a lot of videos, you can try Google Videos as well which is a collection of video sites.


BlinkBox streams TV and movies in certain regions. They offer free content with adverts as well as ad-free rental and purchases.


TVCatchup is far better than Zattoo, and have iPhone (iDevice) streaming. In high quality, all for free. Blinkbox.com is also excellent.

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    tvcatchup is UK only
    – drye
    Jul 9, 2010 at 18:43
  • thats why zattoo is just better in germany :)
    – akira
    Jul 9, 2010 at 21:05

I use two sites primarily for finding video and TV content. I have never really liked YouTube much, however I do enjoy vimeo.com. It just seems to have a better user experience, and seems to have a more mature audience and membership.

When it comes to TV shows, NetFlix has a lot to offer. They have a considerable amount of TV shows available in their Instant Watch library, and the quality (particularly with their SilverLight player) is quite phenomenal. No commercials, either. :)


I use iTVmediaPlayer. It is an open TV platform from all over the world; containing more than 200,000 TV channels! :)

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