I've shared a video from YouTube to Facebook, and this has shown up ok on my wall.

Now I want to tag friends that are in the video, and can't see any option to do that. All the guides I see in places like this say that there should be a tag option to the lower right of the video, but I can't see that. Is this a feature we've lost in one of their updates, or has it just moved somewhere obscure?

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Tagging is available only if you upload the video directly to Facebook—if you share the link, the video is fetched from YouTube, not Facebook so you can't tag them.

Might I suggest dropping a comment and doing an @Mention?


Click "Share" under the video on YouTube then click on the Facebook icon—a little window should come up. In that window, there is a small box that says "Whats on your mind"; in it type @friends name.

For example @candice ramkissoon.


Copy the link of the video then go to your Facebook profile and paste it there then write your friends name but start with capital!


All you have to do is when you are about to share the video is: is the name of you friend is writing with capital letter you will have to start with the capital letter, there is a difference when you type with a regular word, so I suggest you to do it just exactly like they have it on their profile, good luck


Copy/paste the link address from Facebook directly in What’s in your mind box, then you can tag.

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    Could you add a screenshot, to clarify your answer? Apr 9, 2014 at 13:05

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