I want to use Google SketchUp to design my rooms. Where can I find 3D Models to fill up the empty space in my designed rooms?

Bonus points to search for similar looking 3D Models, based upon existing models I have already on my box (have a look at the victory-project and princeton to get an idea of what I am looking for)

I do not want "3D search" as in "We just display ordinary search results in a 3D-ish way and call this 3D search", such as kickfly.com and the likes.

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Google has such a search engine called 3D Warehouse.

  • This is what I have always used. Many times I even find what I am looking for by Model Number. If it is IKEA furniture I can always find it by name. A really great tool when you are trying to layout a room. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for you can usually use the scale tool to resize a generic item to match the one you are trying to represent (I've done this for couches many times.)
    – drye
    Jul 7, 2010 at 12:14

3DFilter looks like a nice webapp as well.

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