If I have a formula (of any kind) spanning A1:A30 (just as an example), when I right click and insert a new row, it doesn't have the same formula.

Numbers (and I believe Excel) allows this, is there a way to obtain this behavior in Google Spreadsheets?


I think what you want may be an array formula. Say B1:B4 contains 1,2,3,4 respectively, and the formula in A1 is:


A1:A4 should show 1,4,9,16 respectively.

Select Row3 and Insert 1 above. The results in A1:A5 should now be 1,4,0,9,16 respectively.

Enter say 10 in B3 and the 0 in A3 should change to 100.


If instead of just inserting a row, you select a row, copy it and then Insert copied cells it should duplicate your formulas

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