I am having trouble writing a function for this need (in Google spreadsheets):

I have 2 columns A and B.

I want to be able to get a percentage based on those two columns. I want to count the number of times a specific value is found in A and only if B has a certain value in it.


  A       B
name1    yes
name2    no
name7    no
name1    yes
name1    no
name2    yes

I would like to function to only give me the percentage of times name1 is found when it is associated with a yes in column B.

If you need any more information and clarification, let me know.

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Answered I received in the Google Support Forum:


With the A value (eg "name1") held in say C1 and the B value (eg "yes") in say D1 then:


is shorter and more versatile.

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