I know how to insert a new blank sheet in Google Sheets to an existing spreadsheet, but how do you insert a new Sheet from a Template to an existing spreadsheet document?

For example, if I have a spreadsheet that was created from the "To Do" template, I'd like to add a new sheet to that document using the "To Do" template again, not just a blank sheet.


To copy a sheet from the Template to another spreadsheet file, open the Template spreadsheet, click the dart ▼ in the tab bar at the bottom of the browser window, and choose Copy to > Existing spreadsheet.

To copy multiple sheets from one spreadsheet file to another while keeping formulas that use cross-sheet range references working, follow the instructions in Is there a way I can merge spreadsheets together without losing references?

  • I will test this soon, and vote to accept if it works! :) Aug 2 at 20:38
  • Validated. Fantastic. Thanks @doubleunary. Aug 13 at 0:31

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