what the formula may be used to find the "Label" with the corresponding "Value" bigger than "Inquiry"

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Delete everything from Column E, including the header in E1. Then place the following formula in E1:

=ArrayFormula({"Header Text";IF(D2:D="",,IF(D2:D>MAX(B2:B),"Out Of Range",IF(D2:D<B2,A2,VLOOKUP(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(D2:D,{B2:B,ROW(A2:A)},2,TRUE),9^9)+IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(D2:D,B2:B,1,FALSE)),1,0),{ROW(A2:A),A2:A},2,FALSE))))})

You may replace "Header Text" inside the formula with whatever you want as your real header.

After that, here is a brief description of what happens:

• If any cell in D2:D is blank, the corresponding cell in E2:E will be left blank.

• If any value in D2:D exceeds your MAX value in B2:B or is not a numeric value, the formula will return "Out of Range."


• The inner VLOOKUP returns the row number of the value that is equal to or smaller than the target value.

• The outer VLOOKUP looks up that row number plus 0 (if the previous VLOOKUP return result was exact) or plus 1 (if the previous VLOOKUP return result was not exact) and returns the Column-A value for the that row number.

  • Perfect! Thank you, Eric!
    – S1ARHE1
    Aug 3 at 14:46
  • You're welcome.
    – Erik Tyler
    Aug 4 at 3:46

Just to round things out...

Nothing like the error-checking and arrayformula of @ErikTyler but possible solutions all the same. Maybe useful for someone in the future.

=query(A2:B6,"select A where B >"&D2&" limit 1")

  • use limit 1 to return a single value


  • MATCH with search type = "1" ... "finds the largest value less than or equal to search_key when range is sorted in ascending order", and then we "+1" (add one) to get the next highest value.
  • ADDRESS takes the row number from MATCH, Column = 1 (Column A) to return value, such as A5
  • INDIRECT return the value of the address.

= iferror(vlookup(D2,B:B,1,0),indirect("A"&match(D2,B:B)+1))

  • IFERROR allows a result if VLOOKUP fails
  • VLOOKUP = standard lookup
  • INDIRECT/MATCH is a variation of a theme of the INDIRECT/ADDRESS/MATCH used above.


All the formulas were entered in row#2, and then copied down to row#5.


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