I am currently redoing my budget sheet in order to make it more user friendly.
How its set up
I have a script that makes it so whenever you change the name of a TAB (sheet) it will change the Header on cell "A1"
in order for the ledger to work, for each transaction in column C,D I need it to tell me what book (header) it is in the B column.
I've used
=REPT("header",C5<>"") however this requires manual input for the name and requires the formula to be posted throughout each cell in column B.
=$A$1 solves the manual input issue but again requires to be in each cell and repeats if the cell is blank.
Sadly I don't understand how to combine formulas.
to sum it up
I need to mirror the text of A1 in cells B4:B if cells C5:C & D5:D are populated with only one formula- to ensure there is no accidental deletion: enter image description here

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Delete everything from B4:B and then place this in B4:


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