I am asking what seems to be a simple question, but I can't figure it out.

I have a link that points to https://example.com/someAwesomeEndpoint. In the email it's written as: "Click here".

I want to find the email and find it on /someAwesomeEndpoint as I know I only received one email ever with /someAwesomeEndpoint.

But I can't seem to do it, nor could I find any operators helping me with this. Is this possible to do via Gmail's search feature or do I have to create some program for it?

Edit: this question is not similar to part or wildcard search questions as the fundamental part of this question is: can I find a URL? The "a specific part of" is in parentheses as it is extra information but not necessary information, in other words: a nice to have. If a URL has "Click here" as text but the URL is https://example.com then is there a way to find my email by typing https://example.com ? I haven't find out how to do this.

Specifically the questions it isn't similar to:

Partial is secondary, fundamental is finding an email by knowing a URL from the email body when that URL is only in the HTML of the mail and not in the plain visible text of the mail.



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