I'm using a Google Drive spreadsheet to my warehouse. I need to find a value (description) of a cell from a column and if I find it sum the quantity of this description + quantity of my warehouse.

This is the example:
I have two sheets, sheet 1 Ordini sheet 2 inventario.

Sheet 1

<td>prova prodotto</td>

I need that if I found "prova prodotto" in my sheet 2 the formula sum the number of qta of sheet order and the number of qta of inventario. I try with if and vlookup but I don't know how to sum the qta. Can anyone help me?

  • I have found this solution for now. In a new cell i insert this formula =INDEX('ORDINI 803-863'!A7:A21;MATCH(D3;'ORDINI 803-863'!B7:B21;0)) and where i would the result this formula =IF(ISNUMBER(L3);L3-F3;F3) But if i 2 cell with same text in order sheet how can i sum its? Aug 10 at 10:42

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