I am always getting error while using inlineImages.

Exception: Invalid argument: inlineImages"

Below is my code:

var blob = Charts.newTableChart()
  .setDimensions(1000, 1000)
  .setOption("alternatingRowStyle", false)
var resultingFile = DriveApp.createFile(blob);

var imagefileid=resultingFile.getId();
var ImageBlob = DriveApp

MailApp.sendEmail("[email protected]", orderno, '',htmlbody:"<img src=\"cid:sampleImage\">",inlineImages:ImageBlob});

Please suggest something for solution.

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Try this:

MailApp.sendEmail("[email protected]", orderno, '',htmlbody:"<img src=\"cid:sampleImage\">",inlineImages:{sampleImage:ImageBlob});

  • inlineImages is an object that maps from an image key (String) to image data (BlobSource).
    • Objects are surrounded by curly brackets. Your code had the "closed curly bracket" (}) but the corresponding opening curly bracket was missing.
    • Also the object requires the key and the data. You had the data ImageBlob but not the image key (sampleImage)
    • "htmlbody" references the image key (sampleImage)



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