I have to share 6 YouTube videos with more than 60 people but privately. Is there a better way to do this faster so that I don't have to paste them into each video one at a time? It's impossible to paste multiple at once as it treats it as one and says there's an error.

It has to be private a private video and I don't want to paste an email 360 times.

  • have you considered posting the 6 videos to a (free) Dropbox (or similar) account in a Public folder and then emailing the link to the folder to your intended recipients?
    – 24601
    Aug 23 '21 at 9:13
  • 1
    thanks for the idea, but each video is about an hour long, and the storage space for that is quite big. I just gritted my teeth and pasted all the emails already, so this question is mostly a hypothetical at this point.
    – Tact
    Aug 23 '21 at 14:43

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