I've made a google form that automatically goes onto a google spreadsheet, but I have an issue.

When it saves the multiple choice questions, the answers are saved as one string with commas in-between (E.G. "Answer1, Answer2")

I need to take a sum of each answer in a range, but functions like =FIND() don't search ranges. I've looked on the function list for a little while now, and can't find the answer. Any solution would help.


There are many ways to do this, including:

=countif('Form Responses 1'!B2:B, "*Answer1*")


=counta( iferror( filter( 'Form Responses 1'!B2:B, search("Answer1", 'Form Responses 1'!B2:B) ) ) )


=query('Form Responses 1'!B2:B, "select count(B) where B contains 'Answer1' ", 0 )

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