I'm very new to the regex scene so forgive my level of intelligence! I want a single cell to be 5 or 7 characters long via data validation and an error message for a false return.

I've come up with this for cell A2:

=REGEXMATCH(A2&"","^(.){5}$") --- only 5 characters

=REGEXMATCH(A2&"","^(.){5,7}$") ---between 5 and 7 characters

Can't figure out how to do 5 or 7 in a single REGEXMATCH.


Use len(), like this:

=or( len(A2) = 5, len(A2) = 7) )

If you additionally need to ensure the value is a number, add isnumber(), like this:

=or( len(A2) = 5, len(A2) = 7) ) * isnumber(A2)

Only add a regexmatch() to the formula if you need to check for the presence of a certain digit/letter sequence or some such pattern.

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